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Fertilizer Blending System DPHB50-C

Product Detail Information

Fertilizer Blending System DPHB50-C is one batch blending for one bag, which can be blended 25kg to 50 kg according to client's requirements every time. It combines with good efficiency and good homogeneous mix. 



Additional configuration:
1. Driven unit: Many worldwide famous brands are for option: SEW, ABB, Siemens and so on
2. Bearings: NSK/TNT and so on 
3. Heating/cooling jacket: water, oil, steam as the cooling or heating medium 
4. Spraying system
5. Heavy duty type ( loading your material into the mixer first and then start the mixer)
6. Platform: we build the platform for you or we design it and you build it locally
7. Mixing system: including packing machine, bucket elevator, Sieve, screw conveyor and so.
8. Customizing according to client’s specific requirement 
9. High speed choppers can be added inside the mixing tank to promote the mixing effect