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BB Fertilizer Floor Batching System DPHB50-150-D

Product Detail Information

The BB Fertilizer Floor Batching System is the only specialized equipment for BB fertilizer production, which combines batching ,blending and packaging together. 


The BB Fertilizer Floor Batching System is very good for the BB fertilizer production. 


Features of floor batching system

1). Stable discharging performance, high precision, wide range of output capacity.

2). The static accuracy of loo-in-wight can reach 0.1%, repetitive dynamic accuracy can reach 0.3%.

3). The control instrument of weight loss scale choose RWC-800CF, high precision, high anti-interference performance and more real-time.


For export, we adopt full automatic control system for our stationary concrete mixing plant. It is PC+PLC control, which can vividly display the production process on the screen, so that the operator can monitor whole process all the time.